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Postado por : James Moura 8/23/2011

Ubuntu - GamePack 11.04 [DVD-2] (2011) PC

DVD 2 (4.3G) - 17 games
asylum - a shooter platform
goonies - a remake of the 8-bit 'The Goonies'
Robombs - free multiplayer 3D game like Bomberman
Logic and Puzzle
PyTraffic - a Python version of Rush Hour
Caph - Playing like "sand box", based on the laws of physics.
Numpty Physics -
OGS Mahjong -
FPS (First Person Shooter)
America's Army - v.2.5.0 -
Assault Cube - realistic first-person-shooter
World of Padman - World of Padman client
Warsow - fast 3D first-person shooter
Red Eclipse - Single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
Alien Arena - A single 3D online first-person shooter
Enemy Territory - multiplayer shooter
Blood Frontier - single and multiplayer first-person shooter
True Combat Elite - An Enemy Territory modification
tremulous - People against strangers. Command shooter with elements of real-time strategy

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